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A global network of Health Innovation Hubs

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Health Works is part of a global network of hubs, established by AstraZeneca. Each hub has a somewhat different focus, but all share the ambition of developing innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes.

The network plays an important role for AstraZeneca as it allows collaboration with partners around the world to deliver integrated care and holistic disease management. The Health Innovation Hub network as a whole focus on:

  • building better partnerships between healthcare actors, with shared strategic health priorities and innovation agendas
  • driving innovation and co-creation with start-up companies and technology partners
  • bringing innovation to AstraZeneca, enabling the development of solutions spanning across people’s personal health experience, from preventative actions to disease management
We are investing around the world to meet the changing needs of patients. With our Health Innovation Hubs, we have brought together R&D, commercial and digital resources to reimagine how we can improve outcomes. We work with patients to identify the main challenges they face and then collaborate with them and partners within academia, medical professionals, government, technology companies and entrepreneurs to co-develop and implement solutions to those challenges.

Iskra Reic, Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca Europe and Canada

There are 10 major hubs that form the foundation of AstraZeneca’s Health Innovation Hub network. Health Works is the first to be launched in the Nordics and will have a strong connection with other hubs to share learnings, enable international partnerships and run projects at scale.

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