Join our mission to bring the patient perspective to healthcare challenges

To tackle tomorrow’s health challenges and make the most of new possibilities, we need to work with each other. Whether you are a person who might need care, a healthcare professional or a specialist in a specific field, your perspective is crucial.

At Health Works we lead collaborative projects to find new ways forward and develop better solutions. Health Works is an AstraZeneca initiative, run by a dedicated team of researchers and designers. Health Works will build on AstraZeneca’s areas of expertise, and by creating a space for different experiences and expertise to meet on equal terms, we can drive powerful change, together.


Current collaborations

At Health Works we run projects that aim to make a real difference in people’s lives and for society as a whole. We start by identifying the right problems to solve and are committed to develop solutions that can and will be implemented with impact.


Our space

Right now, the space from where we will run our projects is in the making. It is 700m2 with rooms for everything from large creative sessions to private conversations, design and prototyping studios as well as scenario playing environments where we can stage at-home and healthcare settings. It is a place where we can learn from each other and work together.

We are located in Gothenburg, Sweden, within the quickly expanding GoCo Health Innovation City.

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Architects at Wingårdhs making our new innovation district come to life